How does the Escape Game work?

You are locked in a room with other players and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, and escape the room within a set time limit. You must be observant, use your critical thinking skills and communicate with other players to escape.

Do I need to make a reservation?

Reservations are encouraged. We will take walk-ins if there is an availability, but we can only guarantee a game with a reservation.

Is it scary?

No, this is a completely cerebral experience. The room is filled with puzzles, riddles, clues and unique challenges. It is meant to challenge your power of observation and problem solving abilities. We want you and your group to have fun, not be frightened.

How long will it take?

The entire session will last 80-90 minutes. Please allow 15 to 20 minutes prior to your start time to check in. There will be a short room scenario and orientation. The game itself will take exactly 60 minutes…unless you escape sooner! After the game, you can take some awesome pictures with your group to celebrate your victory… or not.

Do you allow phones?

Cell phones, cameras, and other electronic devices are not allowed into the room to protect the integrity of the games for future players. These items will be kept locked up at the front desk and returned to you after the game is completed.

Will I be with people I don’t know?

There will be a chance that you will be with strangers unless you book all the slots available for that room.

What is your cancellation policy?

We will give a full refund for cancellations up to 24 hours prior to your scheduled time. Anything after that will be at the discretion of the manager. No refunds will be given for private party cancellations.

Can we schedule corporate events?

Absolutely! These games are great leadership and team building events. Please call or e-mail us and we can tailor a package to suit your needs.

Am I really locked in? Can I leave for the bathroom?

We encourage you to take care of necessities prior to the start of the game so you can have a fully enjoyable time. That being said, if you REALLY need to step out for a moment, our Game Master can allow this.

Do I need to bring anything?

No, just a fun attitude and comfortable clothing. Everything needed to solve the puzzles will be provided in the room.

What if I can’t solve a clue?

That’s why teamwork is so important. Work as a group to solve the clues. There will also be a Game Master in the room with you. They may enlighten you with cryptic clues to send you in the right direction.

What if I don’t want to play with strangers?

If you want to have just your friends or family experience the game, simply purchase all the tickets for a session.

What if I want to play when there isn’t a session scheduled?

Please call or e-mail us and we’ll try to accommodate your schedule with a private session, but it is not always possible to do so.

Can I bring extra people?

If you have booked an entire room, you may bring 1-2 additional players. Otherwise, the decision to add players will be left up to the Manager.

Can my children play these games?

All of our rooms can be played by anyone old enough to read.  We have a gamemaster in each room to help anyone who might have difficulty with any of the clues.  We do not charge for children under 6 when they come in the room with their family.

How is the parking?

There is ample parking.

Is there a minimum number of people to play a room?

No, but a larger room is formulated with a greater number of puzzles that may be difficult for just a few people to solve. We have smaller rooms to accommodate smaller parties for this situation. You may be offered a room change at sign in. You can play the room you signed up for with the understanding this may be a supreme challenge to complete.